Kempo Arnis Federation invites you to an intensive, 3 days training camp in Ryukyu kempo, Modern arnis , Kyusho jitsu, KAPAP and Small circe jujitsu. An in-depth view in the arts will be presented as well as the way to combine different arts together into a cohesive, functional, progressive system of defence.

This years guest instuctor is Soke Leon Jay, 9.DAN Small circle jujitsu, chief instructor and inheritor to the system of his father, one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century, Prof. Wally Jay, 10.DAN. 

The Small Circle theory is not only applicable to jujitsu, but it blends in beautifully with other styles of martial arts. In fact, Professor Jay first applied the Small Circle theory to his judo teaching and led his creation of a winning team. In 1960 he was voted Northern California Judo Coach of the Year by Hokka Judo Yudanshakai, but not before he had suffered the ridicule of his peer group of teachers.
It is typical of Prof. Wally that this experience simply made him all the more determined to prove the efficacy of his methods. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s he produced national champions and team winners in Hawaii, Canada, USA, and Mexico.
In 1978 Professor Jay, Willy Cahill, John Chow-Hoon and Carl Beaver created a new association, Jujitsu America, intended to represent the mainland-based teachers who had broken away from the previous tradition. They seceded from the Hawaiian based American Jujitsu Institute (which was the Kodenkan organization) because they had conflicting ideologies and methodologies. The Hawaiian leaders wished to perpetuate the traditions of the Kodenkan system, while the statesiders, being modernists, wanted to update and improve their fighting skills to reflect certain modern realities.

This Small Circle Theory improved and developed further until 1987, when it officially became recognized as a complete jujitsu style on its own, now known as Small Circle Jujitsu™. Many had recognized the Small Circle system as being a separate style for many years, but after an article in Black Belt magazine, it became official.
Professor Jay’s Small Circle jujitsu techniques are smooth and functional because of his mastery of what he came to call ‘transitional flow’ – one of the ten key principles of the system; this is where Prof. Wally’s in-depth study of body mechanics allows him to move smoothly and economically from one technique to the next to counterattack the moves of the attacker.
Small Circle Jujitsu™ evolved from combining many sources and elements, and continues to evolve as Professor Jay and others enhance the style with their knowledge. In August of 2002, Professor Wally Jay held the ceremony officially handing the title of Grandmaster over to his son Professor Leon Jay in his hometown of Alameda California near San Francisco. Family, friends, martial arts masters and the media all witnessed this momentous occasion.

The seminar will cover:

1. SMALL CIRCLE JUJITSU: most practical and effective self defense and sparring aspects of the art 

2. KAF CURRICULUM: presented in a structured, progressive manner, to learn some of the most effective and practical self defence techniques.

3. KAF BLACK BELT TESTING: more then 2.5 hours of non stop demonstrations of highly advanced empty hands and stick techniques, followed by 15 rounds of fighting, sporting MMA, knock down karate and full contact stick fighting rules. (90sec fighting/20 sec pause x15) Everyone is welcome to participate in fighting with black belt candidates.

7.-9. April, 2017


Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 18:30, 20:00 Black belt testing
Sunday: 9:00 - 14:00

Novo mesto, Slovenia, Europe, OŠ Grm

PRICE: 130 EUR (KAF members)
140 EUR (no KAF members)
Saturday, Sunday lunch included

Price includes: 
- 3 days training
- Saturday, Sunday lunch

Sleeping and accommodation: 
Accommodation is available from 23 EUR to 35 EUR per night and it includes breakfast

1. http://www.situla.si/en (youth hostel, 5 min walk to the gym)
2. http://www.ravbar.net/en/ (2 minutes walk from the gym)
3. http://www.pribelokranjcu-vp.si/ (5 min walk to the gym)

Additional info:borut@kempoarnis.com (Borut Kincl)