Spring Camp 2018

KAF Spring camp and Black belt testing

Kempo Arnis Federation invites you to an intensive, 3 days training camp in Ryukyu kempo, Modern arnis , Kyusho jitsu, KAPAP, Aiki kenpo ju jitsu and BJJ. An in-depth view in the arts will be presented as well as the way to combine different arts together into a cohesive, functional, progressive system of defence.

This years guest instuctors are Master of Tapi Tapi, Gaby Roloff and founder of KAPAP, Israelie Jiu jitsu, Master Avi Nardia.

Master Roloff has been training in Modern Arnis exclusively since 1985 and has traveled frequently to the United States and throughout Europe to learn directly from Professor Presas. Master Roloff is also active in her Modern Arnis instructions and teaches regularly in Hamburg, Germany. She is one of the few people selected by Prof. Remy Presas, to carry the torch and bring Modern Arnis to the future, holding the highest title in Modern Arnis, Master of Tapi Tapi.


Major Avi Nardia (IDF Ret.) has been one of the leading official instructors for the Israeli Army (IDF) and Israeli Police in the fields of Counter-Terrorism, Riots, Hand-to-Hand, Operational Behavior and CQB (Close Quarters Battle.) He specializes in training Special Forces, counter-terrorism units, military, law enforcement, and civilians (including the disabled) all over the world in self-defense, defensive tactics and personal protection.

He is the Founder of KAPAP Israeli Krav Maga, (Israelie Jiu jitsu) a hand to hand combat system that includes elements of Lotar, Krav (IDF - Israeli Army Hand to Hand Program), Hagana Atzmit (Self Defense - Defensive Tactic - Israeli Operational Police Academy Hand to Hand program.) His wide martial arts experiences include: holding Black Belts in several Traditional Martial Arts styles with life-long training in many leading martial arts styles and Budo such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor with a Black Belt under Machado RCJ, Kendo (6th Dan with Study under Kubo Akira), Iaido (5th Dan) and Jodo (5th Dan) teacher, Kyudo (4th Dan) teacher, Judo (3rd Dan) and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu instructor (7th Dan Most Senior Teacher with Kyoshi rank under Patrick McCarthy), Karate KU and Goju Ryu (Under Leon Pantanowitz, and Tadano Tomiyaki & Patrick McCarthy 6th Dan) Thai Box instructor.


1. KEMPO ARNIS, as taught by Shihan Borut Kincl and Kempo Arnis Federation. KAF curriculum will be presented in a structured, progressive manner, to learn some of the most effective and practical self defence techniques.

2. MODERN ARNIS: amazing aspects of the wonderful art, taught by the leader of IMAF Europ

3. KAPAP : Taught by the worlds leading expert in KAPAP/KRAV MAGA


5. KAF BLACK BELT TESTING: more then 2.5 hours of non stop demonstrations of highly advanced empty hands and stick techniques, followed by 15 rounds of fighting, sporting MMA, knock down karate and full contact stick fighting rules. (90sec fighting/20 sec pause x15) Everyone is welcome to participate in fighting with black belt candidates.

6.-8. April, 2018


Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 18:30, 20:00 Black belt testing
Sunday: 9:00 - 14:00

Novo mesto, Slovenia, Europe, OŠ Grm

Saturday, Sunday lunch included

Price includes: 
- 3 days training
- Saturday, Sunday lunch

Sleeping and accommodation: 
Accommodation is available from 23 EUR to 35 EUR per night and it includes breakfast

1. http://www.situla.si/en (youth hostel, 5 min walk to the gym)
2. http://www.ravbar.net/en/ (2 minutes walk from the gym)
3. http://www.pribelokranjcu-vp.si/ (5 min walk to the gym)

Additional info:borut@kempoarnis.com (Borut Kincl)